My Top Running Pet Peeves #1


Maybe it’s sticky gum on the sidewalk slowing you down; perhaps it’s the neighbor’s sprinklers angling straight for your eyes; or maybe it’s that pesky rattlesnake sunning in the middle of the trail ready to strike where your foot will strike next—whatever it may be, we runners all have our personal pet peeves. I’ll share mine if you share yours…

Running Pet Peeve #1: Side by Side by Side (by Side) Walkers

To start, I respect walkers. Most walkers seem friendly. They smile as I run past, they wave, they exchange simple, quick pleasantries with me: “How are you doing?” “Nice day!” “Hey!” “Have a great run!” “Watch out for that telephone pole!” “Come on – I can walk faster than you run. Push it!”  Walkers can be encouraging—sometimes they offer me a high five, a thumbs up or a bottle of Guinness (well, I’m still hoping for that day to come).

However, walkers, in particular horizontal groups of walkers, have on occasion been the bane of my training. This particular scenario presents itself in all terrain: sidewalks, hiking trails, running tracks, paved bike/pedestrian paths—if you can run it, they can walk it side by side by side (by side). I understand these trails do not exist for my personal running experience. Walkers can and should use these public transportation routes for exercise and enjoyment too.

On the other hand, if your assembly of bottoms span the entire width of the track, take a step back—at least one or two of you so I can squeeze my bottom through. After I pass, feel free to recollect your rumps in a side by side by side (by side) pattern. Just please be aware of those of us who aren’t interested in butting up on your conversations about cat litter or suffering serious road rash as we unsuccessfully attempt to squash around your army. We (I) will appreciate it.

**Watch my blog for future postings of Running Pet Peeves.  Even better, share yours below in the comments.**


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