Martin’s Wings – unpublished New Adult novel (103,000 words)

This lighthearted jaunt envelops us in the life of Martin, a twenty-something introvert—now runaway groom—playing hide and seek with love as he navigates over-the-top holidays in his large and crazy, noisy and nosy family.

Martin nurses a lingering love for his ex-fiancé and suffers from guilt borne of his non-nuptials as well as an ensuing slew of one night stands. As he faces the flak from his wedding walk-out, he endures toddler tantrums, barren buffet tables, character assaults, and, worse, cheap beer.

Against the aging landscape of his Pennsylvania hometown, Martin searches for love, forgiveness, and just one trifling slice of strawberry rhubarb pie. Maybe he’ll ask the cute girl with wings and a wand for some—if only he could get her to stick around for longer than a New York minute.


Martin’s Rings (Working Title) – New Adult novel sequel to Martin’s Wings

Martin returns to Pennsylvania for another round of debilitating family fun and to hear wedding bells ring.

OrlaNew Adult fantasy novel

The modern world encroaches upon a mystical, hidden enclave of cliff dwellings, and a young woman Orla thinks her deceased grandfather’s sentient garage holds the only key to protecting it and the people she loves.

CONTACT: To contact the author Nat Mumpower and/or to request more information on Nat’s manuscripts, please use the website contact page or find Nat on Twitter @natmumpower.


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